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liltdybr wrote in tdybrs_toybox
I apologize for my absence. I had to take a brief hiatus from making, with lots of reasons. I shall be returning soon with lots of goodies to offer. I am going to start limiting my offers so that I can make in a more timely fashion. If it turns into something very popular, I may always re-open.

Anyway, before my hiatus, I had entered a contest at sayclubsandmore and won first and second prizes for 2 of the blinkies I entered.



I may offer them up for request. Here are the three I entered:

I tried to add a poll to see which one you guys would like me to offer, but it was glitched and wouldn't let me see the results. So... if you would request one of these blinkies, please leave a comment with which one you would request.
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I would request the second one.

I would request the second one! I love what you did with it :O)

i really like the first one! I would request it :)

I would love the first one!

I love the first one it's way cute ^_^

Those are beautiful, and I would like to say Congradulations!!!
You deserve it!

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