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Contest enteries
liltdybr wrote in tdybrs_toybox
I entered this blinkie for round 2 in blinkie_idol:


I didn't win anything, but I wasn't disqualified either, still in the running.

I won 1st and 3rd prize for my blinkies in sayclubsandmore for these:

1st: Photobucket 3rd: Photobucket



Banners made by phyncke

I will be working on some blinkies to offer by next week.
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hehe! I love the vampire one! Halloween offer maybe? *gives you the best puppydog eyes ever*

Congrats hun! they are all great!

Thank you. And it might be... uncertain yet. :)

Congrats on winning in that one community! And I LOVE your vampire blinkie! ♥

I love the first one, with the vampires, it is fantastically done! It is too bad you didn't win, but I think the only reason was because it is hallowe'en ish. I am unsure what it was they were going for this time around, but personally, I think it's brilliant. You did an amazing job on it. I imagine it took sometime to do.
I imagine many would love it for an offer.. myself included! =^.^=

I would like to also congradulate you on your wins, you have fabulous blinkies!!

The theme for round two was vampires, the reason I chose those pixels. It did indeed take awhile, since I added a lot to the original pixels (like eyes on the girl and the blood). It may be one of my offers coming up since it seems to be popular.

Thank you very much!

I *LOVE* all of these, they are so great! Awesome work, hun! :)

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